Hello, my name is Anna Cheffy.

I’m a Florida native who feels at home anywhere in the world. I left the sunshine state at 17 for university in Washington, D.C. and, having never lived anywhere else, quickly realized how much of the world I wanted to see. I decided to trade traditional college life for one that revolved around travel. I lived in D.C., London, Rome, and New York City and traveled to over 15 countries during my college career. Four years and four major cities later, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Communications. The world was my campus. 

The diversity I have been exposed to will continue to influence my outlook on life. I seek originality in all of its forms and revel in my boundless curiosity. 

I created The Anna List to share experiences and recommendations I think others will (hopefully) find interesting. I hope it inspires you to live curiously in new places or the one you're already in.